Some of My Designers Toys Coolections^^

October 16, 2008

Price: SGD$95
Has pre-ordered this set, waiting for its arrival around early Dec this yr :D

Spider Baby Boom by Suminkim

I got the secret piece the Grey Hairy spider and the Green Spider wth the watermelon cos we all love watermelons!!
The Moofia by StrangeCo and Tokidoki. Just lack the Strawberry Milk Piece :DPlus Robots
Astrodemonio and Evil King! An extension of the popular PLUS series from PI where we combine East and West, the first PLUS vinyl figures come from Devilrobots and Tokidoki. Limited 500 setsTofu Oyako Mother & Son Chogokin (Japan edition)
Designed by DevilrobotsTokidoki Version Zakka's Miao & Mouse
Miao is the first collectible designer vinyl figure designed by Zakka for ZAKKAMONO and decorated by SIMONE LEGNO/TOKIDOKI. It is an updated design of the Japanese Maneki Neko/lucky cat (an iconic Japanese figure that brings good luck and good fortune.)Miao measures 7 " tall and comes packaged with his BFF Mousubi, a 3 "character designed with the elements of a musubi/onigiri (Japanese rice ball wrapped with Nori/seaweed) and a mouse. Miao and Mousubi are sold in a collectible fully illustrated box also by Simone Legno.
Limited to 500 pieces worldwideChumps Mini Figures by Frank KozikFrank Kozik: found guilty on 26 counts of vinyl toy-making. Collect all 13 real world toys; intent on lifting your watch and jacking your car. Then lock them up! 12 behind-bars versions come complete with ball and chain. Mother and Son Treeson Set
One of my favourite toy design. it is designed by Bubi Au Yeung, a Hong Kong illustrator, who's also a natural born left-hander."Treeson” is a kind creature, brought up by the trees in forest, and he was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story and a stem is branching out from his heart. The story is about the friendship of Treeson & Ren and how they face their past. This story book set is limited to 500 sets managed to get from CrazyLabel online.Smery Tofu And Friends Mini Figures
Devilrobots and Pixie product.I've ordered this Tai Hing roast restaurant set online.. interesting and detailed HK roasted food pieces by T for Candy. The Table is specially designed based on the restaurant theme ^^

The Treesons are having a good time but not Smery Tofu?Cannibal FunFair by British illustration tandem, TADO, morphs their Cannibal Funfair print series into a 17-figure feeding frenzy. Some come flocked, some roll, some hide friends inside, but don't let their tricks distract you, 'cause they're all on the prowl for a bite to eat. Got 3 pieces, the Bear, the Snowman and the Blue Sewing Coat designs. Trying get the Elephant one.Kiiro Mini SeriesDid Kiiro emerge from the murky depths of the sea?
Maybe they came from outer space. Perhaps they simply crawled out of the imagination of the Japanese designers Devilrobots. Invisible Plan is the highly-detailed mini figure series from San Francisco artist MARS-1.
Based on a group of paintings of the same name, Invisible Plan continues MARS-1’s elegant and truly original re-casting of interdimensional beings. 12 original characters in 2 color schemes, green and brown. Got the green set at $160. Very unique and artistic..10" Molly The Painter..Great piece!
Kennyswork product.Kawaii Mickey MollySporty Horse Riding Molly Tokidoki exclusive bearbrick..Medicom product. 1000pcs limited edition.